Mick Jagger, 78, sparks frenzy with joyful snaps in Liverpool ahead of Rolling Stones gig

Mick Jagger sparked a frenzy as he returned to Liverpool

Mick Jagger has revealed that he’s back in Liverpool after a ‘long’ absence

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Mick Jagger has sparked a frenzy amongst his Rolling Stones fans after sharing a series of snaps of himself around Liverpool.

It comes as the rock band are set to perform at the Anfield Stadium tomorrow night following a stint in Europe.

The rockstar told his 2.5 million fans: “So long since I’ve been in Liverpool – looking forward to Anfield tomorrow night!”

In one snap, Mick could be seen grinning as he stood next to the Canada Boulevard sign in the city.

In another, Mick laughed as he had one arm around the famous statue of singer Cilla Black.

Mick also pointed to the Empire Theatre while taking in the best of the city’s murals ahead of taking to the stage with Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards tomorrow.

Mick Jagger smiled as he posed casually in the city

Mick Jagger posed on the Canada Boulevard

Mick Jagger told how the Rolling Stones are playing Anfield tomorrow night

Mick shared a series of snaps from his day adventure in the city to Instagram

Mick Jagger placed an arm affectionately around the waist of Cilla’s statue

Mick Jagger laughed as he posed for a snap with the statue of Cilla Black

Mick Jagger pointed to the Empire Theatre on his tour of the city

Mick Jagger also visited the Enpire Theatre

Mick Jagger made sure to explore Liverpool on his return to the city

Mick Jagger also visited the city’s murals

Mick Jagger looked dapper in a pair of beige chinos and black Prada jacket

Mick sparked a frenzy among fans who were excited to see him in the city

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