Melania Trump ‘lives in an ivory tower of denial… this is a transactional marriage’

Shortly after Donald Trump’s Tuesday arraignment, he flew back to Florida and gave an unhinged speech at Mar-a-Lago. His supporters were there, his lawyers were presumably there and of course the media was there, feeding on all of the MAGAness. But two people were notably absent: Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump. Ivanka is desperately trying to separate herself from all things Diaper Don. Melania just doesn’t give a sh-t. Meaning, it’s not even like Melania is making an effort to distance herself. The distance was already there. The ambivalence was already there. Melania is just… going to the spa and spending time with her parents. Donald Trump didn’t even thank his wife during his speech. Well, now Stephanie Winston Wolkoff – who used to work for Melania until the Trumps turned on her – has some sh-t to say about what Melania thinks about all of this mess.

Former Melania aide and best friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — who previously revealed the former first lady privately referred to Daniels as “the porn hooker” — told Page Six, “Melania lives in an ivory tower of denial.”

Wolkoff, a former senior Vogue staffer who was Melania’s advisor until 2018, said of the former first lady’s absence at Mar-a-Lago’s ballroom, “I never expected to see her there. Her silence is deliberate, it is her weapon of choice and her protective armor. Of course she knows about Donald’s affairs, she knows everything. But her silence is her dignity. She will stand by her husband, as she always does. I don’t think Melania is humiliated by his affairs — but she is angry.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s going anywhere. “Still she isn’t leaving him,” Wolkoff added. “This is a transactional marriage, she knew what she was getting into when she married Donald. Her means of survival is to just act like it never happened. Privately, Melania says people are just jealous, and she hoped the Stormy Daniels scandal would be swept under the carpet. Her way of coping is to never let her feelings show or affect her. I predict we will see her back at his side at the next social event at Mar-a-Lago.”

Wolkoff added Melania would go to great lengths to avoid situations where she might be quizzed by the media about her husband: “Melania believes she doesn’t have to answer or explain herself to anyone, so she’s not going to put herself in that position.”

Wolkoff also writes in her tell-all memoir, “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” about how “I’d known all along how impenetrable and unflappable she was, but it wasn’t until after hearing the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape or about the affairs, I had no idea of her grit.

“Not many people could bear having their lives ripped open and all their regretful, hateful, humiliating moments splayed out for the world to see and judge. Melania and Donald, a perfect match, could tolerate any amount of ridicule and flick it aside. I always interpreted that as her resigning herself to an unconventional marriage or household and having no expectations of Donald as a faithful husband or doting father.”

[From Page Six]

I’m obviously no fan of Melania and I think she’s just as much of an idiot and loser as her husband. But… out of all of her options, Melania is kind of choosing the right one for her, in her situation? Gritty silence isn’t what most women would choose, but I can totally understand why it’s the right choice for Mel. She doesn’t care about her husband, she isn’t his moral support and she refuses to make an effort at anything. So, why would she change an arrangement which suits her just fine? She lounges around Mar-a-Lago, she pampers herself, she spends time with her son and her parents and nothing can rock that boat. Now, Melania is absolutely humiliated. But she’s willing to swallow that every day to keep her lifestyle.

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