Maureen Lipman: Coronation Street star hits back at unlikely fan email ‘I can’t help you’

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Coronation Street star Maureen Lipman, who plays Evelyn Plummer, recently returned to Manchester for work following the coronavirus pandemic. The ITV soap star has been keeping herself busy after she took to the stage for the digital revival of Martin Sherman’s Olivier-nominated play, Rose, which streamed last month.

The 74-year-old actress was met with praise for her performance as Rose – a Jewish woman who traces her story from Nazi-ruled Europe to conquering the American dream.

The Celebrity Gogglebox has since revealed that fans struggled to purchase tickets for the online stream and quizzed her on how they go about booking via the website.

Maureen explained she is no ” bl***y technophobe” and therefore could not “help” her fans.

Discussing the “phenomenal” response to the play, the soap star remarked: “I get two sorts of emails. Obviously, the five star reviews were very welcome.

“But one email I get is, ‘I can’t get on the site, how do I do it?’ Well I don’t know!”

“I’m not a bl***y technophobe, I can’t help you.”

Maureen continued: “And the other [email] is, ‘We’ve had to sit down for an hour because we were just wiped out’.”

The moving production of Rose was filmed on stage to an empty auditorium at the Hope Mill Theatre.

The Evelyn Plummer actress revealed she has had an outpouring of support from people who tuned into the play.

“I have had letters from people I hardly know, and people high up in the business,” Maureen commented.

The small-screen star admitted it was “hard” as she revealed she learned the script in just three weeks.

“The play is so beautifully written,” Maureen explained. “I did learn 45 pages in three weeks.”


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She went on to say: “And it was very good for me. It staved off the old Alzheimers I think for a few weeks.

“But it was hard and we filmed over two days.”

Maureen continued: “On the first day I asked if I could have an autocue in case I forgot [my lines].

“But I wasn’t wearing my glasses so the stage manager had a little computer – a little Mac – and of course I couldn’t see it at all. So we stumbled over the first day.”

She added: “But on the second day, they managed to put the screen there for me.”

Maureen was previously married to her husband and award-winning writer Jack until his death from bone marrow cancer in 2004.

The couple had been married for 30 years and shared two children together.

He wrote some of Britain’s most memorable TV dramas, including The Knowledge and Bar Mitzvah Boy, while she famously played Jewish mother Beattie in the BT adverts.


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