Matt Damon Hosted a "Dog Show, but For Daddies" on SNL, and I Cannot Stop Laughing

You know those adorable dog shows that allow the cutest pups to parade their talents in front of judges? Now imagine that but with daddies . . . as in, hot older men with “a little salt and pepper at the temples.” Saturday Night Live did exactly that when it parodied the Westminster Dog Show with a new twist: the Westminster Daddy Show. The episode’s host, Matt Damon, moderated the show alongside Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant (or “Georgina Mont-Blanc”) was head judge. Matt first introduced a “West Palm Golf Daddy,” a “consultant who loves hanging out with his buddies at the 19th hole, which I’m told is slang for ‘bar.'” The skit also featured a “Wall Street Business Daddy” and a “Broadcast Daddy” played by Matt himself. Watch it above, and prepare to chuckle.

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