‘Massive effect’ Eurovision host Mika’s life changed when his sister fell 50ft from window

Mika discusses being a host for the Eurovision Song Contest

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Eurovision host Mika has spoken out on the horror accident that saw his sister Paloma plummet 50ft from the window of her fourth-floor flat in Kensington in 2010. In an unearthed interview, the Grace Kelly singer told how he took a break from work after the incident to help Paloma, who worked as his stylist, recover following the horrific accident.

During the fall, Paloma’s legs were impaled on the rail’s spikes, with one entering her abdomen.

Firefighters quickly cut the section of the railing and a helicopter response team rushed her to hospital.

Mika has since looked back on the tragic events as he reflected on the “massive effect” they had in his life.

He said: “Paloma has been weak on her left side since birth, and has a tendency to lose her balance.

“That’s what happened when she leant out of her bedroom window that night. She fell and impaled herself on the railings below.”

Luckily, a neighbour who heard the fall was able to rush to her and held her for an hour, slapping her face “to keep her conscious”.

Mika stressed the vital work performed by NHS staff as they saved Paloma’s life that night, after operating on her for 17 hours.

The pop star said medical staff had initially “prepared us for the worst”, but that Paloma has since had tendon transplants and “is learning to walk again.”

Mika added to the Daily Mail: “It was only after she had made a recovery that doctors said defied medical science that I could work again. The incident had a massive effect on me. (sic)

“It showed me that you could lose everything you take for granted in five seconds, so I vowed to make the most of my situation.”

Back in 2010, Mika thanked London’s emergency services for their vital work that helped save his sister’s life.

In a statement on his website, he wrote: “Paloma is in a stable condition at the Royal London Hospital.

“She has undergone extensive surgery to her legs and surgery to her abdomen.

“Although she is in a lot of pain, things are looking remarkably good considering what happened.”

The singer continued: “Over the coming weeks, Paloma will undergo more surgery and start her rehabilitation programme.

“Her recovery will be a long and difficult one but at this point in time there is no reason to believe that it won’t be a successful one.

“Paloma and the whole family feel extremely lucky and we are eternally grateful to the helicopter response unit, doctors and nurses of the Royal London for saving her life.”

Mika is one of three hosts on this year’s Eurovision, which is taking place in Italy and will be airing across the week on various platforms until the grand final on Saturday.

On why he is hosting Eurovision this year, the musician told The One Show: “I have done television in Italy.

“I learnt to speak Italian just because I got this opportunity to go and do The X Factor in Italy. I learnt in a couple of months, luckily my Italian is better now.”

The Eurovision Song Contest airs tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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