Martin Lewis rages on Twitter as impersonator fools 25,000 followers founder Martin Lewis, 50, has been forced to speak out once again on Twitter after yet another scammer tried to impersonate him.

This scam might be the most convincing yet, with the promotional cryptocurrency account amassing over 25,000 followers by pretending to be run by the financial expert.

On Twitter, this morning, Martin told his 2.2 million followers he had reported the fraudster.

Linking to the fake account, he wrote: “So this FAKE ACCOUNT… promoting crypto has a blue tick?

“Let’s see whether it is taken down when I report this impersonation,” he added.

The account named MartinXLewis, boasting 25,725 followers, also has a blue tick, which will be even more confusing for those looking to follow Martin on social media.

Twitter’s blue ticks have traditionally been used to verify the accounts of companies and people with public-facing platforms.

However, since Elon Musk’s takeover last year, he has changed the system so that anyone can have a checkmark next to their name as long as they are willing to pay a monthly fee of 8 US dollars (£6.40).

Martin’s followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the latest in a series of scams targeted at the ITV star’s large following.

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“The team to report it to is no longer employed…” Jamie commented, referencing the sudden lay-offs that occurred when Elon took over Twitter.

“What a mess this all is. Pure self-harm from Twitter’s perspective,” added Dan.

“Twitter needs to create a better verification process so that this doesn’t happen. Sorry this has happened to you Martin,” added Rachel.

Sean complained: “@elonmusk come on man, Real Martin Lewis (MartinSLewis) does good for the people of the UK and you’re now allowing impersonators to get a Blue Tick which pretends to be him in order to scam people.

“They don’t say it’s parody, literally purporting to be a new branch of his business,” he added. (sic)

Despite Elon saying last month that legacy verified Twitter users would see their blue ticks removed from the service unless they paid the monthly fee, confusion was sparked over the weekend when the site failed to get rid of the checkmarks.

While nearly all of the platform’s high-profile users have kept their ticks, Twitter has removed the checkmark from the main account of the New York Times – a news organisation that has particularly angered the billionaire.

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