Marnie Simpson’s boyfriend Casey Johnson calls her the ‘best mum ever’ as she cradles their son in sweet video

Former Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with boyfriend Casey Johnson on Tuesday, 29 October.

The pair have not yet revealed their baby boy’s name and have only shared tiny glimpses of the bundle of joy so far.

Marnie, 27, has now sweetly been called “best mum ever” by Casey, 24, in a new video which shows her cradling their title boy as he is wrapped up in a blanket.

The new mum looks beautiful wearing cosy pink loungewear ,while her brunette hair falls down and her fresh complexion is on show.

Filming Marnie, Casey says: “I just want to say a big congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend, who is on 3.6 million followers. You kill it. You absolutely kill it. You’re the king and queen."

Doting partner Casey went on to say: “I also want to say that she is the best mum ever. Look at her, looking after him, you’re doing so well and you’re killing it."

Turning the camera back to himself he went on to joke: “And our son, who is probably going to play for Tottenham when he’s older let’s be honest.

“I can’t wait to take him to football games. I just can’t wait”, leading to laughter from Marnie.

Marnie also appeared to appreciated Casey’s sweet words as she smiled and thanked him while he complimented her.

Days ago the star ventured outside for the first time since becoming a mother to go for a drive with Casey.

In a series of videos uploaded to her Instagram account, Marnie honestly admitted that she is "overwhelmed by hormones" since the birth and how the "traumatic labour" has left her in so much pain that she is “struggling to walk”.

Speaking to the camera, a fresh-faced Marnie said: “I can't even explain what it's like to have a baby.

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"It's so overwhelming, your emotions, your hormones are all over the place. It's a lot to adjust to. I needed a bit of time to come down from the birth .

"I had a very bad birth experience, it was a traumatic labour which didn't go to plan. I had it all in my head. I'm sad but as long as he's healthy."

Marnie then admitted that she can’t believe she is now a mum but gushed how her newborn is “perfect” and worth all the pain of the birth.

She gushed: "I still can't believe I'm a mam. I can't wait to show you the baby. I'll be releasing some special pictures soon.

"He's so perfect. Worth every bit of pain I went through. I can't believe it's not just me and Casey now. We're a family. A mam and dad.

"I'm still struggling to walk but I'm on the mend. It's definitely taking its time."

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