Mackenzie McKee: I Went OFF on My Cousin When I Found Out She Was Banging My Husband!

Back in May, Mackenzie McKee caught her husband cheating on her with her cousin.

Now, it's unclear what exactly transpired between the two parties — Mackenzie initially said they were having sex, but then backpedaled on that accusation — but whatever it was, it was bad enough that Mackenzie filed for divorce from the father of her children.

Now, the Teen Mom star is coming forward with new details about the situation.

It seems the cousin in question is "a lot older" than her and Josh.

And apparently, Mackenzie confronted her when she learned of the infidelity.

Here's everything we know about the situation:

1.A Woman Scorned

2.Trouble In Paradise

3.What Was He Thinking?

4.The Toughest Times

5.The Ultimate Betrayal

6.Going Off

7.An Ugly Surprise

8.Here We Go Again

9.Second Time Around

10.Happy Ange

11.A Painful Day

12.Getting to the Bottom of the Matter

13.Insult to Injury


15.Going Public

16.Letting the World Know

17.The Confrontation

18.A Painful Surprise

19.Rightfully Enraged

20.Not Cool

21.A Simple Request

22.So … It Wasn't Physical?!

23.Marital Breakdown

24.Nightly Fights

25.Done Forever

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