Love Island couple ‘split’ days after fiery on-screen bust-up

Another Love Island couple is thought to have split, after Kady McDermott and Ouzy See unfollowed each other on Instagram, just weeks after leaving the villa.

It comes after fellow ex-islander Mitchel Taylor hit out at Kady, and appeared to confirm the rumours that she already had a boyfriend when she re-entered the Love Island villa.

In an interview with On Demand Entertainment Mitch hit back at Kady, who had previously claimed that his relationship with Ella B was "fake".

He said: "You're calling me and Ella B fake, you came in with a boyfriend, and you have a boyfriend to this day."

Mitch then added that he'd heard from some of the other girls from villa that during her time on the show Kady had been wearing a bracelet given to her by her boyfriend.

"Your boyfriend was at your house whilst you were there and you're calling me fake" he continued, "I got called fake by Kady when Kady was doing the most."

After Mitch made these remarks, one eagle-eyed fan noticed that Kady and Ouzy had since unfollowed one another on Instagram.

Sharing a screenshot of their following lists, a Twitter user wrote: "Kady and Ouzy have now unfollowed each other, Messy Mitch wins this round #LoveIsland"

It comes just after the Love Island reunion saw Kady and Zachariah Noble, who were briefly coupled up while in the villa, come to blows.

Kady made her grand entrance into the villa in a shocking return to the ITV2 show, and chose to couple up with Zach – only to leave Molly Marsh brutally dumped from the island.

In another plot twist, Molly returned during Casa Amor week and managed to rekindle her romance with Zach, and the feud between the pair and Kady has been ongoing since.

And since leaving the villa, Kady has appeared on a number of podcasts, during which time she has spoken about her feud with Molly, her relationship with Zach, and discussed a number of other islanders – including branding Mitch a Love Island "superfan" and gameplayer.

And this all came to a dramatic conclusion during the reunion show when Zach and Kady both had some fierce words to say to one another.

Zach said it was "clear" who had been spilling the tea outside the villa, and turned to Kady and said: "Our names are in your mouth, your name isn't our mouths. I feel I speak for the both of us when I say we wish you nothing but happiness and good health."

Kady later hit back: "Zach, enjoy your 15 minutes."

Zach then reiterated he didn't "talk behind people's backs", to which Kady added: "I don't talk behind people's backs, I say it on podcasts."

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