Lil Fizz Denies Being Person in Nude Viral Video

lil fizz

Lil Fizz wants to make sure one thing is VERY clear … it’s not his naked butt that’s making the rounds on social media, despite what some people may claim.

ICYMI … there’s an explicit video that’s blown up on social media that shows what appears to be a man showing off his area where the sun don’t shine. Those sharing the video claimed the video was Fizz, and a leak from his OnlyFans account.

lil fizz instagram

However, Fizz got on IG Tuesday to address the video, saying, “This is crazy, the levels these chicks will go to, to try and destroy and ruin you.”

He continued, “Wow unbelievable! Ya’ll have a happy holiday, that is NOT ME!”

It’s not the first time the B2K member has been linked to explicit content — the same thing happened a few years back. We should note — you can’t see anyone’s face in the new clip that’s gone viral … so gotta take Fizz at his word.

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