Lauryn Shannon Displays Baby Bump in Body-Positive Photoshoot with Sisters

Last month, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon welcomed twins via C-section with her husband, Josh Efird.

The parents of four have been very quiet about this pregnancy and have yet to confirm, well, anything, including the birth.

However, Lauryn knew that this would not be a secret forever.

Just a few months before welcoming her newborns, she bared her baby bump for an inspiring photoshoot alongside her sisters and others.

In February of 2022, Lauryn was joined by her sisters, Alana Thompson and Jessica Shannon, for a photoshoot.

They were not the only participants who bared their torsos for the body-positive project.

Photographer Kelly Leverett wanted to help showcase that not all bodies do, or even should, look like they do on Instagram.

“I believe every woman is beautiful,” Kelly Leverett said in a statement to In Touch Weekly.

“And by bringing awareness to body positivity,” she continued.

Kelly explained: “So that women can feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin.”

Many of the photos, all visible in the TikTok and Instagram video that we have included, show these local women in their bras and underwear.

There are also solo pictures, in which the women involved held up signs explaining how they feel about their bodies.

“My body looks like this,” Lauryn’s sign explained, “because I’m a mom.”

Jessica’s sign affirmed: “There is no competition because no one can be me.”

Meanwhile, Alana’s quipped: “I wish I had her butt.”

The signs were written before the photoshoot, meaning that this was what the models brought into that space.

Less than three months after the photoshoot, Lauryn was pregnant no more.

On May 19, she underwent a C-section to remove twins, a boy and a girl.

The newborn girl was six pounds, which is average weight. The boy was five pounds, four ounces, which is just below the average range.

Most importantly, the babies and Lauryn herself are healthy and doing well.

A C-section is major surgery, and giving birth to twins is no small thing.

Fortunately, she gave birth at a hospital that specializes in high risk births.

Lauryn and Josh have not actually discussed any of this, as we noted earlier.

They did not confirm the birth of their twins or that Lauryn was pregnant.

Perhaps the release of this photoshoot will change that, but Lauryn is of course entitled to her privacy.

It may be that the family hopes to air this on the show, Mama June: Road to Redemption.

Reality TV families are known to keep things under wraps even while filming those life events, from relationships to pregnancies.

The long turnaround time between filming and airing reality television (the better part of a year, on average) means that there is plenty of time for news to leak, however.

Lauryn and Josh have not touched upon the pregnancy news, but Mama June certainly did.

She did not confirm or deny that Lauryn was pregnant, but simply admitted that another child was the last thing that her 22-year-old daughter needed.

That is certainly true. Lauryn became a mother at an extremely young age, but June herself was still a child when she had her first kid. Generational change is sometimes slow.

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