Kim Kardashian has completely cut off Kanye West, she’s ‘removed herself’

In many ways, I have an enormous amount of sympathy for Kim Kardashian. She honestly tried to make it work with Kanye West and she stayed with him a lot longer than she should have. She took care of him and intervened on his behalf during his manic episodes and breakdowns. She defended him constantly and publicly. When it was clear that nothing was going to get better – and it was clear she was basically enabling him – she made an exit plan to protect herself, her kids and her money. She filed for divorce in 2021 and they’ve been in a long-running divorce battle ever since, mostly because Kanye keeps hiring and firing his lawyers and trying to slow down the proceedings. During Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson, Kanye’s creepy, stalker behavior escalated and I was genuinely concerned for her safety and Pete’s safety. Kanye thinks nothing of trying to hurt Kim through the kids too, and she’s already paying for additional private security at her kids’ school. Over the past week, Kim has let it be known that she’s sick of Kanye’s crap right now, but unlike all of Kanye’s manic episodes during their marriage, Kim isn’t stepping in this time:

Kim Kardashian has been through the ups and downs of Kanye West’s mental health episodes over the years, and while she’s stepped in to help in the past … this time is different.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Kim has totally removed herself from the situation with Kanye … and hasn’t spoken directly to him in weeks. We’re told in times past, even when Kim and her family were the targets of his attacks — she’d be there to help him until he was mentally sound again.

We’ve spoken to sources close to Kanye who tell us they wish Kim was still in the picture to step in, but it just ain’t happening. Our sources say there’s concern Kanye could lose a lot of money while everything seems to fall around him, but there’s no safety net.

Sources connected to the estranged couple tell us Kanye has made attempts to reach out, but Kim won’t answer … instead focusing her attention on their kids.

As we reported, Kanye showed up to North’s basketball game last week wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt. Eyewitnesses tell us not only did Kim not speak to Kanye, she refused to look in his direction, and had her car moved in the parking lot in order to avoid any communication.

[From TMZ]

“Sources close to Kanye… tell us they wish Kim was still in the picture to step in…” Meaning, he’s not listening to his entourage so they want Kim to step in and do their job. Reportedly, he’s fired a bunch of people too. Again, what is Kim really supposed to do here? During their marriage, she was ride-or-die for him, she protected him and she got him help and got him out of the spotlight in his worst moments. Reportedly, Kim feels like Kanye doesn’t *want* her help or anyone’s help. So what is she even supposed to do? Pretend like they’re still married, so he terrorize her again? In my view, Kim is doing the right thing – she’s looking after herself and the kids and letting him bottom out.

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