Kerry Katona emigrating to Spain: ‘We’re already talking to estate agents!’

Kerry Katona has announced that she and partner Ryan Mahoney have been inspired by TOWIE's Tommy Mallet and Georgia Kousoulou, and are now set to start their own new life in Spain.

Kerry, 41, claims that the pair will remain working in the UK for the next year before moving over to the island of Mallorca. Writing in her weekly new column, Kerry also speaks proudly of her Onlyfans career and wishes Sheridan Smith well following her burglary last week. Sign up – for free! – to see what else Kerry has to say.

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Fresh start

TOWIE stars Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet are set to move to Majorca for a better life for their son Brody. This is something Ryan and I are looking into.

We are likely to do another 12 months in the UK, and my mum will have a base here so whenever I come back that will be where we stay.

I went to London for a work meeting last week and it’s a whole day of travelling. You can hop on a plane and be in Marbella in less time. So, that’s our plan. It’s exciting.

I want to wake up to some sunshine every single day. It would be a nice life, but I also want to make sure it will be a working life. The children need to realise that they may live there, but they still need to get their homework done and work hard.

We will start looking at schools soon to get an idea of what we’re getting into. So much of my work is online now, so it does make sense to think about a new start.

Wedding daze

As I write this, I’m currently on my way to a friend’s wedding in Stoke-on-Trent. I’m really looking forward to it.

I love a good wedding. We will just be going and coming back the same day. It will be the first time I’ve been out since having my breast reduction, so it feels weird.

I’m back at home now after staying with my mum for a few days. She’s recovering well from her heart attack.

OnlyFans earnings

Sarah Jayne Dunn spoke of her OnlyFans career on podcast Drama School Dropout, saying people shouldn’t share just how much they’ve earned as it’s “bragging”. I think each to their own. I own up to what I’ve made – and I’m not bragging about it.

I try to encourage other people to have a go at it as it’s been so good for me.


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To have gone from where I started out to what I’m doing now, I feel proud and think it should be shared openly. It’s not bragging, it’s letting people know there is always a way out. I’m hoping to inspire people, not brag.

It never leaves you

It was reported that Sheridan Smith’s trailer was burgled and her jewellery stolen while she was filming Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything. I’m sure she will feel violated and traumatised.

It’s disgusting but, thankfully, Sheridan wasn’t in the trailer at the time. I can sympathise with her. I was burgled a few years ago and held hostage.

Then recently, as I’ve spoken about, I watched someone drive off in my car. I’ve suffered from PTSD. It never leaves you. I’m so unhappy whenever I’m at the house now. I really want to get out, start afresh and move on properly.

Keeping the spark alive

Caprice Bourret has revealed she used to pay her eight-year-old sons to leave her and her husband Ty Comfort alone so they could have sex. It’s so important for couples to have privacy and time alone together, especially when they have children.

It’s good to keep that spark alive. Me and Ryan haven’t been out on a date night for so long. We went out for dinner recently but we had DJ with us.

It doesn’t matter what you do on a date night. But I have five kids, so it’s hard to find the time.

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