Keanu Reeves’ John Wick stunt double shares ‘hardest part’ of film

John Wick: Chapter 4 final trailer with Keanu Reeves

Vincent Bouillon landed a stuntman’s “dream job” when he was selected to double none other than John Wick himself, a role so incredible he sincerely didn’t believe it when he first got the phone call.

But that doesn’t mean the role was a smooth ride for the champion martial artist.

The series has quickly garnered a reputation for pushing the boundaries of creativity and physicality with each new film, and even each stunt, which should come as no surprise as director Chad Stahelski is a stuntman himself as well as a former stunt double for Keanu Reeves.

Speaking to, Vincent explained just how difficult it is to be John Wick, saying that he couldn’t possibly choose a single stunt sequence as the hardest because every one is “very difficult”.

He shared: “There’s a lot of hard parts, like the way to shoot or if we’re going to use cars and how to use the cars.

“Chad built something very different on each one just to grow the intensity.

“He really knows the stunt business and wants to push (each stunt) as high as he can.

“It’s all the craziest stunts you can do.”

Thankfully, Vincent noted that there were no serious injuries, aside from some bruises and “knee and shoulder pains”.

He jokingly added: “I’m still alive so it was a good one.”

While each member of the stunt team, from coordinators to stuntmen, try to keep their risk of injury as close to zero as possible, the French performer candidly admits that injuries can happen and that is just a fact of his field of work.

He continued: “Stunts can be dangerous. I don’t feel (in danger) because we train a lot to make sure everything’s going in the right direction without any trouble.

“But, if you fall more on (your) shoulder and it’s tired because we shoot only at night, you can dislodge the shoulder, it can happen.

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“We really train hard to make sure the body is (at) the highest level. But it could happen.”

The training, filming, falling and fighting for months on end does eventually take a toll though, and while Vincent was only brought on with two months left in training, others had been working for eight months already.

The martial artist revealed: “It’s long work. You always thinking of the (choreography), working, falling, fighting. Of course at the end of the movie your body is totally exhausted because we also work on night shoots every single night.”

By the end of filming, Vincent was admittedly “a little bit sad” that his “John Wick life” had come to a close, but enjoyed a moment in normal life before returning to training, adding that it was important to him “to have this moment, in France we say to get back the feet on the ground, just calm down.”

The actor started as a stuntman when he was just 18 in the French film District 13 and while he only had “a few punches and kicks”, he instantly became deadset on this unusual career.

It wasn’t all that surprising though, as a child Vincent was a massive fan of action films, particularly Jackie Chan and Jet Lee movies, and as a “very hyperactive” kid he “really needed to do sport”.

Vincent continued: “I started with different martial arts and when I was 10 I discovered tricking martial arts. This is based on Karate, aikido and my teacher was actually working in a movie as a stuntman so I discovered this world.”

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