Katie Price jokes around with Harvey as he returns home from hospital

Katie Price was back to bantering with her eldest son Harvey following his return from hospital last night and it’s safe to say, he’s back on top form. 

Harvey, from Katie’s former romance with footballer Dwight Yorke, was taken to hospital on Friday night hours after he received the coronavirus vaccine. 

Fortunately, the teen – who has autism and Prader-Willi syndrome among other complex needs – was released from hospital and Katie confirmed from doctors that Harvey did have a reaction to the vaccine, but this is extremely rare for most people. 

The Covid vaccine has been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as both safe and effective. 

As Harvey settled back into life at home, Katie filmed him relaxing on the sofa and asked him to entertain her. 

‘Make me laugh… Say something funny,’ she told Harvey to which he replied with a cheeky laugh: ‘Hello, egg.’ 

Katie then scolded him for swearing after he added: ‘Hello d******d.’ 

On a lighter note, she asked: ‘Are you happy? Mummy’s gonna do this post for Instagram,’ to which Harvey responded sweetly: ‘Oh yeah, mum. I’m so happy, mum. Thank you, everyone. I love you, everyone.’ 

It seems Harvey was feeling a little peckish as he’d asked Katie’s boyfriend Carl Woods for a cheesecake. 

However, Carl wasn’t too impressed that Harvey didn’t tuck into the dessert straight away and asked: ‘Why you not eating it?’ 

‘‘Cause it’s f*****g delicious Carl. F*****g yummy,’ Harvey responded sending Katie into fits of laughter as she told him: ‘You are funny Price.’ 

Harvey finally gave in and began to eat the cheesecake after further nudging from Carl. 

Earlier on Sunday, Katie shared an update on Harvey’s health once he’d returned home from hospital. 

With Harvey sitting next to her, the My Crazy Life star explained: ‘Harvey’s obviously home and he’s safe and he’s on form today… So because of Harvey’s needs and [his] complex medication he’s on, he had his Covid [vaccine] the Oxford one and he just had his vaccination and his reaction was a really really high temperature, 39.9 and obviously with Harvey, I have to really keep an eye and I couldn’t get his temperature down…

‘Did all your bloods, X-rays, ECGs, everything, everything was fine they just said it was a reaction from [the] Covid [vaccine] but today, he’s actually on form. The doctors and nurses were fantastic.’ 

Katie, 42, added that she ‘can’t wait’ to get the vaccine herself and would still recommend it to keep everyone safe. 

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