Katie Price flogged pants, pups, sponcon and fake engagement to raise extra cash

Katie Price was declared bankrupt today, but she did go to a lot of effort to rake in some extra cash to try to avoid financial ruin.

Katie, 41, plugged almost every product you can think of, staged raunchy photoshoots in public and sold the photos, sold her engagement story, and begged for roles for extortionate fees.

Let's take a look at the lengths Katie went to in order to try to stave off bankruptcy.

Fake engagement

Katie made the surprise announcement in July that she was engaged to boyfriend Kris Boyson, but it later emerged the claim was for attention, and the engagement was fake.

Reports surfaced that Katie didn't even tell her own children she was engaged, not made any mention of the proposal or even uttered the word 'engagement' on the daytime panel show.

And now pals are claiming that Katie – who has been married three times previously and is still in the process of divorcing Kieran Hayler – didn't actually tell her mum Amy Price or her kids Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett or Bunny about getting remarried.

"Katie didn't tell any of her close friends or family, she just announced it on TV, and everyone was shocked," an insider told the Sun .

"She didn't even tell Kieran, which was a bit cheeky as technically they're still married to each other."

Not only that, but the dazzling diamond ring she flashed on the show appears to have been recycled from her own jewellery collection.

Katie wore a very similar piece of bling back in April while she was on holiday in Thailand with Kris.

When grilled about wearing the ring on her left hand, she admitted to the Daily Star that she only did it for attention.

"I do it on purpose. You know what I'm like!" she said at the time.

"I've just got to stir the pot haven't I? I love it."

She also made a plea on the radio to magazines that she would happily sell more stories on her love life.

"If you want to know the truth, get in touch and I'll do a Q&A, I'll do a glossy photoshoot, whoever comes up with the most money – it's all about the Pricey Pricey money," she said.

Saucy staged shoots

Katie Price staged pap shots where she was flashing her boobs in the street during a trip to Ireland.

The former glamour girl was seen going braless as she posed for a raunchy photoshoot during her jaunt to Ireland, risking yet another run-in with the law as public nudity is banned in Ireland and can be punished with a fine.

Katie was seen wearing devil horns with matching red hot pants and just an open cardigan to preserve her modesty.

During the JYY London photoshoot, which took place in the street, Katie was pictured pulling open her cardigan to give onlookers an eyeful.

Her partnership with the brand was another attempt to raise some much needed funds.

And in a recent trip to Turkey, she stripped completely naked for a nude photoshoot, in which she writhed around on the grimy floor and grabbed her boobs wearing nothing except an enormous hat.

Another shoot on the same trip saw her assume various sex positions in front of the camera in a skimpy colourful bikini – and there just happened to be a paparazzi standing nearby again.

All the sponcon

Katie has also been accepting what appears to be every single sponsorship opportunity she is offered.

And this has landed her in hot water, as her fans slammed her for plugging a celebrity-only holiday service.

They questioned why she would advertise the service on her Instagram where the majority of her followers are mere mortals and so not eligible for the service.

One asked: "Why would we do that if we aren’t ‘celebrities ?’ Just regular people…"

Another added: "What's the point in asking your non celebrity, non influencing followers to like a page that gives free holidays to celebs???"

Another sponsored post saw Katie plug a weight loss drinks – just weeks after full body surgery.

While recovering from a face lift, breast reduction, bum lift and liposuction, Katie took to Instagram to claim she owes her sculpted body to a weight loss shot drink – and skeptical fans called her out on it.

Another recent sponsored post saw Katie accidentally tag the wrong florist, so she may not have even pocketed that fee in the end.

Panto plea

Katie also reportedly begged panto bosses to give her a role at Christmas, but she asked for a fee so extortionate that they said no.

Sources say she's even contacted long-term pal Rylan Clark Neal to see if he knows a contact that can get her a way in, but she was rejected after demanding to be paid £1 million.

She was supposed to get a £120,000 fee to appear in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, as well as the hope she would earn back the public's affections – but she quit after just 48 hours.

Shortly before that, she was spotted buying a lottery ticket.

Slashing prices and flogging pants and pups

Katie also flogged clothes from her kids' ranges for less than half price in a desperate bid to make some extra cash.

She launched her boutique in April and named it after two of her sons Junior and Jett.

After six months in, Katie completely slashed prices by 50 percent, meaning some of the items dropped by as much as £15, while others were being sold for just £4.

And she also revealed on her YouTube channel that she was selling her old underwear encased in a frame for pervy fans.

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Taking a wander through the house, she stumbled upon one of the frames.

She said: "I'm going to be selling these memorabilia, like my old underwear."

"Picture of me, and this was an example, like if his name was 'Mr George', 'To Mr George, wet dreams, Jordan."

She also recently let on that she had high hopes to turn her "mucky mansion" into a cash cow by hosting weddings and spa days inside after converting it.

But she might need to sort the reported slime-filled pool, bird poo and stacks of clothes out first.

Katie is also reportedly trying to sell her puppies for £2,000 each.

Katie's German Shepherd Sparkle gave birth to a litter in September and the Pricey is now looking to sell them off for a hefty price.

However, all this was seemingly to no avail as today she was declared bankrupt at a London court, having blown her entire £45million fortune over the years.

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