Katie Holmes’ denim-intensive & autumnal street style: love it or hate it?

Katie Holmes has been out and about this week in NYC, wearing her mask at all times like a good citizen. But Katie is Katie and she likes some wacky fashion. Earlier this week, she wore an ensemble with wide-leg jeans, a blue-and-green plaid shirt and $430 Birkenstocks. People have strong feelings about Birks but I’ve had cheap off-brand pairs and they’re fine. But I’m saying that as a comfortable-sandal lover. I love flip flops and sandals. I actually love the colors she’s working with in this ensemble – I love when people mix blue and green, and I love the combination of jeans and plaid/flannel (I’m a ‘90s girl), especially with her coordinated mask and shopping bag. That being said, I had to do a close examination on the jeans because these are like optical-illusion mom jeans. I swear, from certain angles, it looks like the waistband is elastic. Also: I will be so happy if wide-leg jeans come back into style. Truly.

Katie also stepped out on Thursday in this ensemble. She’s really feeling lighter-wash denim for the late summer/early fall I guess. I’m fine with the skirt and I love a pencil skirt, always even in denim. But the sweater! OMG. I hate that. I hate the fussy puckered detail on the shoulder seams. I hate the neck. I hate the billowy sleeves. You know Katie probably got paid to wear this! And you know the sweater probably costs like $600.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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