Justin and Hailey Bieber Called ‘Dumb’ After Laughing Over Ramadan Fasting

The ‘What Do You Mean’ singer and his model wife face backlash online over their ‘dumb’ comments on people fasting for ‘spiritual reasons’ in an Instagram Live interview.

AceShowbizJustin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin landed in hot water for apparently mocking people who are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. The couple discussed the matter in an interview in which Hailey called people who are fasting “stupid.”

In a video shared by Hijab Modern, the “Love Yourself” singer and the model talked about the concept of fasting for “spiritual reasons.” The Canadian singer opined, “I gotta really think about that, I have never really done it…I think our bodies need nutrition to think properly.”

Hailey then said that fasting off food never really “made sense to her.” She reasoned, “if you want fast off the TV, fast off your phone, I think I believe in that more, but fasting off food… it never really made sense to me… or if you are fasting sweets or fasting sugar.”

Later in the clip, which apparently was from 2020, Justin said that fasting only “deprives your body on nutrition.” Hailey then concluded, “We’re totally like yeah, that’s why you are stupid!”

Their remarks understandably sparked outrage with Internet users taking to social media to slam the two stars. “They deserved each other,” one person commented. Another user added, “Justin looked clueless then hailey made it even worse and he went along.”

Among the notable critics was Indian model/actress Gaukhar Khan. Reposting the clip, she wrote on Instagram Stories, “Just proves how d*mb they are. Only if they knew about the science behind it. And the health benefits from it! Get an education Justin bieber and hailey bieber. Its okay to have an opinion btw! But be intelligent enough to put forth correctly.”

However, some others defended the couple by saying, “they werent talking about ramadan, they were talking about fasting in general, here yall go spreading lies once again. Not once was ramadan mentioned.” In response to that, one person pointed out that they were talking about fasting for “spiritual reason” with one other noting, “EVEN if they weren’t talking about Ramadan, they DID made fun of people who do fasting… Hailey even say: ‘They are stupid.’ “

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