Julia Bradbury gives rare insight to ‘very emotional’ husband and biggest ‘support’

Julia Bradbury shares heartbreaking moment before mastectomy

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Julia Bradbury, 51, announced she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September last year and has been very open about living with the disease. The presenter has shared in a recent interview the “support” her husband Gerard Cunnigham has offered her during this time and the “emotional” time it has been on her family.

He is a very emotional human being.

Julia Bradbury

Julia went public with her diagnosis last September to encourage others to get their breasts checked.

After this she was approached by a production company and has been filming her treatment ever since.

In a recent interview Julia gave a very rare insight into her married life and the “support” her husband has offered her since her cancer diagnosis.

She explained how her husband Gerry is rarely mentioned “because he doesn’t like to be spoken about”.

She continued: “He is a very emotional human being and has been incredibly understanding and just amazing at supporting me with the kids.

“He’s a very involved hands-on daddy and he’s made sure we navigate this the right way for the children”, she said to The Times.

Julia married Gerry in 2000 and the couple have three children together.

After opening up about her cancer diagnosis she had a mastectomy the next month and there was no sign the disease had spread.

She also took to Instagram yesterday to share an insight into her cancer battle as she recalled the “brutal” mastectomy.

Julia wrote in view of her 204,000 followers: “There’ll be quite a few photos of my upper body in the press this week because I’ve done lots of interviews about my forthcoming @itv #breastcancer documentary.”

Referring to the selfie attached to the post, she continued: “This is the last pic I took of myself before my mastectomy, to remove a 6cm tumour from my left breast.

“One of the best bits of advice I was given by my friend Heidi who has been through this, was to say goodbye and thank you to my breast…

“For all the years of service and time spent together.

“Saying farewell and grieving for what we’ve lost is OK.

“To all the women about to go through this (I know some of you have your op this week) and to those of you just through the other side…

“It helped me to know this brutal, scary procedure was to save my life,” Julia penned.

She continued: “There are new possibilities, this experience will give you an inner strength you didn’t know you had, and there is always hope.

“I am learning more about my body now than I ever have.

“I understand how incredible it is, how it functions.

“Our bodies need care, nutrition & emotional sustenance. But for now… #rest Namaste.” (sic)

The former Countryfile presenter will be releasing the documentary to raise awareness around the issue for ITV.

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