Joe Rogan Thinks Joe Biden Faked Getting COVID Vaccine Booster Shot

Joe Rogan believes Joe Biden did NOT get a COVID vaccine booster shot on live TV this week … saying, “I don’t think they would take the chance.”

The comedian and UFC commentator delivered the wild claim on his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Thursday … explaining he believes the President faked it all when he claimed to have received his third dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday.

“I think if they were going to give him a booster shot,” Rogan said, “the last thing they would do is give it to him live on television.”

“What if he dies?” Rogan added. “What if he blacks out? What if he like gets it and faints? Like, because people have had very bad reactions like in the moment for whatever reason.”

For his part, Biden says the shot was, in fact, very real … writing on Twitter after getting the jab, “just like my first and second dose, it was safe and easy.”

“Get vaccinated,” Biden added. “Together, can we save lives and beat this virus.”

It’s not the first (or second) time Rogan’s been involved in a COVID controversy. He previously suggested young people shouldn’t get the vax. He also kicked up a stir when he revealed he was taking controversial medication, Ivermectin, when he had the virus.

Biden, doctors and health officials across the country have insisted COVID vaccines are safe … and risks of extreme side effects are very rare.

Rogan, meanwhile, has called himself a “f***ing moron” in the past … saying in April he’s “not a respected source of information” after he suggested young, healthy people do not need to take the COVID vaccine.

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