Jobson: Prince William ‘can be off-hand and volatile’ & lacking in deference

I don’t follow royal commentator Robert Jobson. In fact, the dude has me blocked on Twitter, a fact I still find amusing. I never interact with those people, but apparently he hated me enough to preemptively block me. Which is completely fair and I’m surprised more people don’t do that. Anyway, Jobson has a new book coming out called William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch. It comes out in a month (before William’s 40th birthday in June) and I’m sure the Daily Mail or the Times will dutifully excerpt from it in the coming weeks. But we should definitely talk about the book summary on Amazon?

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is one of the world’s most famous faces destined to one day lead the ancient institution of the British monarchy as King. Determined to do the right thing and to serve his country as his grandmother, The Queen, has done, William has created a public persona of a loving husband to Catherine and devoted father of three to George, Charlotte and Louis.

Calm, balanced, and determined, he is perceived as passionate about the environment and the animal species that are facing extinction on our planet and, indeed the planet itself. He, along with his wife, have worked tirelessly too to try to end the stigma of mental health. He ticks all the right boxes as the future King.

In private, however, those close to him say William, while being a dedicated servant of the Crown can be off-hand and volatile, defying his calm, family-guy demeanour. It is this chameleon-like characteristic that makes his father, Prince Charles, tread carefully when dealing with his son and heir. Theirs has been a complex relationship – indeed it was with Harry that Charles enjoyed a closer relationship before he bolted to America with new wife Meghan. William demands deference from those royally ranked below him, but in truth when looking upwards, he rarely gives it.

Robert Jobson’s new biography provides a definitive account and insight into the life of the Duke of Cambridge as he approaches his milestone birthday. At a key point in the history of the modern British monarchy, the author explores the complex character of the man who will follow his father Charles as King, his beliefs and thoughts, to reveal what kind of monarch William V will be. Published to coincide with William’s 40th birthday.

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Well well well. This makes me wonder if William’s 40th birthday embiggening-PR will blow up in his face, just like all of those Kate-at-40 propaganda pieces were messy as hell. “Off-hand and volatile” and “demands deference from those royally ranked below him, but in truth when looking upwards, he rarely gives it.” Oof. So he disrespects his elders, goes berserk on his father and grandmother, and he’s much too volatile to be king. Got it. And this is supposed to be a “good” biography for William’s birthday.

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