Jinger Duggar's Shady Reason For Not Joining Sister Jill In Duggar Family Secrets Documentary

The Duggar documentary is making a big splash, with a lot of folks speaking out about how much it resembles their own childhoods — and others calling out what they see as straight up child abuse.

In Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, Jill Duggar Dillard speaks out about her negative experiences with their disturbing religious sect, the Institute in Basic Life Principles, not every sister who broke away from the family got on board.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has spoken out against the “cult-like” IBLP and of course about the improper sheltering of disgraced brother Josh Duggar. So why didn’t she want to participate in the Prime Video docuseries? She told People this week:

“I was actually approached and asked to participate in the docuseries, but I thought that from my perspective, I really wanted to make sure that I was able to share my story in my own words and in my own timing.”

By that, of course, she means her own book she wrote about it:

“So that’s why I wrote Becoming Free Indeed, was to share more of my journey out of IBLP’s teachings.”

Of course we have no issue with her plugging her own version of speaking out — gotta get that bag, especially since poppa Jim Bob Duggar allegedly all their Counting On money. But it was the way she shaded the doc that had us raising an eyebrow. She continued:

“I wanted to be able to share it in a way that was, like, God-honoring and hopefully sharing my story in a balanced way.”

Oh, in a “balanced” way. Clearly she doesn’t think the doc is being fair or truthful, despite the participation of her sis. Huh. Seems a little shady towards Jill to us, but OK. However, she tells the outlet, she’s happy her sis “has her voice”:

“And I am excited to hear what she has to say, even in this documentary.”

But she’ll stick with her version of events, or as she puts it, she wants to “be able to share my story from my perspective.” She couldn’t have done that in the doc? Well, not exactly.

Something tells us her perspective is a bit more of a diplomatic one, as she’s not quite so on the outs with her parents as Jill. Just last month she posted a loving message to her mom for Mother’s Day:


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So yeah, we’re reading that even if she doesn’t agree with all of IBLP’s “life principles” she isn’t trying to fully burn those bridges, not when she’s not actively feuding with her mom and dad.

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