Jimmy Kimmel spars with Ted Cruz on Twitter, takes the fight to his late-night monologue

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Jimmy Kimmel got into another Twitter feud with Sen. Ted Cruz and gleefully recapped the action during the opening monologue of his late-night show Tuesday. 

The 53-year-old comedian mocked Cruz, R-Texas, after he shared a tweet comparing a Russian army ad to one from the U.S. Army that features a female soldier discussing how she was raised by two mothers. Cruz derided the U.S. ad saying “perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea.” 

Kimmel lambasted Cruz for making comments about masculinity while supporting Donald Trump after the former president said negative things about him, his wife and his father on the 2016 campaign trail.

The digs prompted Cruz to take to Twitter to call out Kimmel and mock him over losing their 2018 one-on-one basketball game for charity. 

[email protected] keeps talking crap. Really tough guy,” Cruz tweeted. “Here’s a reminder, when we played one-on-one, I kicked his a–. He has to live with that…forever. Rematch, punk?”

Jimmy Kimmel and Ted Cruz had another spat on Twitter.

The tweet came along with a video showing the shots Cruz made against his opponent at the game. 

Kimmel responded with a somewhat crass tweet that read: “Oh Ted… you get so sad after you masturbate.” 

He then addressed the Twitter spat on his show the following day. 

“I don’t know if you know this, but we were attacked last night,” Kimmel began his show on Tuesday. “We were hit by another devastating Ted Cruz Twitter strike. Once again I found myself in a squabble with the Senate’s least-favorite senator, Ted Cruz, and once again guess who started it?… Me, I guess, I started it.”

Kimmel admitted defeat in the basketball game but went on to note that neither of them had anything “to boast about” regarding their respective athletic performances. Kimmel lost 9-11 and noted that 20 shots were made out of roughly 200 taken between them. He also alleged that the game was supposed to go to 21 before he and Cruz agreed to mercifully cap things off at 11. 

“That game was uglier than him,” Kimmel mocked. “The charities we were playing for almost didn’t accept the money. They were like ‘you losers need this more than we do.’”

Kimmel then mocked Cruz for continuing to support claims that the 2020 election was stolen by cheekily highlighting the way he accepted his 2018 defeat on the basketball court. 

“After you won the game, do you remember what I did? I said ‘good game, thanks’ and I shook your disgusting hand,” Kimmel said. “I didn’t complain that it was rigged, I didn’t ask for a recount on the referee, I didn’t start a conspiracy theory about the basketball having a microchip in it. I brought shame on my family and I embraced it as I always do.”

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