Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar: SLAMMED By Fans For Celebrating Josh’s Anniversary!

Josh Duggar is a bad man.

And we don’t mean that he parks in front of fire hydrants or steals his co-workers’ lunches out of the break room fridge.

(Though he’d probably do exactly that if he had a job.)

We mean that Josh is basically pure evil, and he should be rotting in jail for the things he’s done.

In case you’re somehow unaware, Josh molested five young girls — four of whom were his sisters.

That’s about as bad as it gets, but the only punishment Josh received was being banished from his family’s reality show.

He never served any time, and he hasn’t event ostracized by his victims.

No, after some weird church punishment that involved shaving his head, Josh was welcomed back into the Duggar clan with open arms.

Fortunately fans and critics of the family have not forgotten Josh’s horrific crimes.

Josh and Anna Duggar celebrated their twelfth anniversary this week, and her followers were happy to see that she wasn’t as effusive in her praise of Josh as she has been in years past.

But they were upset to see that Josh’s parents publicly wished him a happy anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary y’all,” the Duggars’ official Instagram account commented on Anna’s Instagram post.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough to provoke outrage from people who are disgusted by the fact that a known child molester is raising six kids of his own.

‘”I feel so bad about these kids,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“I worry so much for these kids,” another added.

“Those poor little girls,” a third chimed in, seemingly referring to Josh’s daughters.

The comments have since been deleted, and Anna is now limiting the kind of comments that are permitted on the post.

She was forced to take that step last year, as well, and we wonder if she ever stops to give real consideration to the fact that her husband is so widely despised she can’t even post about their anniversary without experiencing blowback.

Probably not.

After all, Anna has dealt with one public humiliation after another since during her marriage to Josh, and we suppose she’s used to it by now.

Obviously, the molestation scandal was his worst moment, but there have been many more along the way.

Remember when Josh was caught using an Ashley Madison account to try and find cheating partners.

Or how about the time Josh was sued by a prostitute for allegedly assaulting her during a paid sexual encounter?

Needless to say, this is not a nice guy, but divorce is strictly forbidden by Anna’s religion, so she’ll stick by him no matter what.

We just hope she’s keeping a close eye on her philandering husband.

Because he may have changed his ways — but he may have just gotten better at hiding them.

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