Jill Duggar Tells Haters To 'Just Chill' After Feeding Her Dog Breast Milk!

Pets are family!

Jill Duggar Dillard is certainly treating her rescue dog Fenna like a child these days! On Saturday, the former TLC star took to Instagram to share that she fed her pup her leftover breast milk! Getting ahead of any backlash, the 19 Kids and Counting alum told her loyal followers:

“Before any of you jump on me for feeding it to the dog, she’s fine. She’s totally fine. I wouldn’t have given it to her if I thought it would make her sick. So just chill mkay?!”

But what led to this strange meal in the first place?! Apparently Jill’s youngest son Samuel, who’s now 3, was eager to try the breast milk for himself! After storing the “liquid gold” in the freezer for years once her kiddo was done breastfeeding, the former reality star decided it was time to let Sam test it out! She explained:

“I’ve had my last teeny bottle of breast milk in the freezer for nearly a couple years now (both my boys stopped breastfeeding around 2 years old and Sam is almost 4 now!). I know I know…it’s probably a freezer-burnt nutrition-less substance now…”

She couldn’t deny her mini-me a chance to explore his curiosity, adding:

“Well, Sam randomly asked to try it recently and it didn’t look or smell bad when I thawed it out so i let him try it. As expected, he didn’t like it after trying a couple sips.”

Rather then let the food go to waste, the mom of two decided to feed it to the family dog!! Before addressing any potential haters, the 30-year-old teased:

“Needless to say, now all 3 of my children have now had breast milk

LOLz!! Looks like the pooch enjoyed it, too! Derick Dillard’s wife hinted at why it was so important to feed the breast milk to her dog rather than dump it down the sink, continuing:

“Whoever coined the phrase, ‘no use crying over spilled milk’ certainly never pumped!”

Sounds like there was no crying at the Dillard’s over the weekend. And most followers in the comments section of her post were totally on board with the idea of giving breast milk to the dog, so perhaps Jill didn’t need to expect so much criticism from her audience? Though with the family controversy happening at the moment, we can understand why she was trying to get ahead of any hate!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Do you find it odd Fenna was drinking breast milk or are you totally “chill” about it? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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