Jessica Mulroney Is Causing A Stir For The Strangest Reason

Jessica Mulroney has been a friend of Meghan Markle’s for several years. According to Us Weekly, the two women met back when Meghan was filming “Suits” in Toronto. Jessica was working as a stylist at the time, and she and Meghan quickly bonded after they met. Like any best girlfriends do, Meghan and Jessica traveled the world together in their single days, taking fun trips before eventually settling down and having families. 

Jessica was in attendance at Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018, and her twin boys were part of the processional; they were seen carrying Meghan’s veil as she walked into St. George’s Chapel. In 2019, Jessica attended Meghan’s New York City baby shower, according to Us Weekly, and the two were able to bond over motherhood. Jessica and Meghan reportedly had a bit of a blip in their friendship when Jessica was faced with a racism scandal in which she and lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter got into a heated exchange that ultimately cost Jessica her job, according to the Daily Mail. The stylist later apologized on Instagram, and her friendship with Meghan is still believed to be intact. 

Jessica hasn’t really been in the spotlight much in recent months, though she has been fairly active on social media. But she is making headlines this week for a really strange reason. Keep reading to find out why.

Jessica Mulroney shared a photo of a plate that she owns

Jessica Mulroney’s Instagram account usually doesn’t make the news, but this week, she managed. On September 6, she shared a photo of a plate that had a picture of a young girl holding a rooster. “People are c****,” read a banner on the dish. According to the Daily Mail, the set was designed by Wolf Dottir — and his work is a bit controversial. Aside from the very forward, vulgar message on the plate that Jessica owns, the outlet reported that Dottir has created plates that could be considered offensive, especially toward the royal family. There is one plate, for example, that features a depiction of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with a banner that reads, “Hail Satan!” and another that has an image of the queen with the words “Eat s*** and die.”

As the Daily Mail points out, it’s unknown if Jessica owns those Dottir pieces or not — she did admit that she owns a “full place setting” of the plate that she shared — but she did get a shoutout from the designer. “Oh hey that’s my piece! Thanks for posting,” Dottir commented on the Instagram post. 

Overall, the photo was well-received, with many social media users letting Jessica know that the plate was extremely funny. 

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