Jennifer Lopez Teared Up Celebrating Her Twins' 13th Birthday

Jennifer Lopez's "coconuts" are officially teens!

Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins, Emme and Max Muñiz, turned 13 on Monday, and they're celebrating J. Lo style — with breakfast in bed, a morning jingle, a sentimental Instagram video that already has nearly 2 million views, and, of course, Jenny from the Block herself.

"My beautiful babies are teenagers today!!" the multi-hyphenate gushed in a lengthy post. "OMG!! I can't believe it's been 13 years since I carried them both home in my arms in the middle of a snowstorm. Out of that blizzard came two perfect lil' coconuts who rearranged my life and taught me the true meaning of love."

In the video Lopez shared, she sits at the foot of her kids' bed while they read their birthday cards and eat their breakfast. Toward the end, the singer begins to tear up, wiping her eyes. 

"It has been the most magical journey full of adventure and joy ever since," Lopez continued her caption. "I'm feeling so many emotions this morning … so very emotional today … so proud and happy and heartbroken that I can't feeeze [sic] time. To my two caring, sensitive and special souls …who I know will change and rearrange the world in your own very unique ways … your mama loves you beyond forever .. and ever and ever … "

The world-rearranging Lopez speaks to is already in motion. Emme made her Super Bowl debut last year and published her first book this past fall. 

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