Jasmine Sanders Flaunts Derriere In Blue Thong Bikini, Says ‘Suns Out Buns Out’

Model Jasmine Sanders isn’t being shy about showing off her bikini body, and shared a new Instagram photo where she wore a thong-cut blue swimsuit. The post was geo-tagged Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil. She stood at the base of wooden stairs, surrounded on all sides by beautiful green foliage. Jasmine stood with her back angled towards the camera, as she grabbed onto the railings and looked down to her left. She wore her hair down, and sported an anklet. Sanders captioned the image, “Suns out buns out,” and fans commented, “Gorgeous,” “Sexy,” and “Greatttt.”

It appears that the model is in the area for work, as she shared a video off herself getting ready for a photoshoot by getting her makeup done. Jasmine also shared a couple of photos of herself wearing chic outfits, including a pair of sunglasses and hat that appeared to have yellow paint scribbled on. Another post revealed her dress, which had a similar look of yellow and pink paint brush strokes, accentuated by black lines making up abstract, circular shapes. The outfit is reminiscent of others that were worn by supermodels Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid at a fashion show in 2018 for Moschino. Later dubbed a “scribble print,” the look caused a positive stir in Milan when the line debuted to the public.

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Suns out buns out ☀️ @prettylittlething

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In other news, it’s worth noting that Sanders goes by the nickname “Golden Barbie.” In fact, that’s her Instagram handle. She previously opened up to Vogue Arabia about her reasons for choosing the name.

“Golden Barbie came about when I was in the early days of social media. My sister and I were trying to come up with a catchy screen name. My nickname was Goldilocks and my friends would say I looked like a Barbie doll so I combined the two and the name stuck.”

And Sanders also talked about social media, and how “I really love that social media gives me a direct connection with my fans. I can know almost instantly see everyone’s reactions and thoughts about my latest work. I love the give and take social media offers.”

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#BTS in Brazil ? I never want to leave!

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Plus, for those who want advice from the model on how to make it work on social media, Jasmine added that “Social media success is all about staying authentic. I only share what I genuinely use, trust, and believe in and I feel it translates to my followers.” With over 3.3 million Instagram followers and counting, it seems that Sanders’ advice is sound. Plus, she doesn’t usually promote tons of products, which helps her maintain her authenticity with followers.

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