Jasmine Pineda Accused of FAKING Firing After Photo Scandal: WTF?

This season, Jasmine Pineda’s raw emotional expression has earned her as many fans as it has critics.

For better or for worse (actually, for better and for worse) this woman does not hold back when she is feeling some kind of way.

… Which makes it so surprising to see her being accused of lying to her fans.

Did Jasmine fabricate a story about losing her job to gain sympathy from viewers?

Before we delve into the accusation that a fan is leveling at Jasmine, a brief recap.

The 34-year-old academic and teacher spent a long time as Gino Palazzolo’s long-distance girlfriend before they met.

In December of 2020, they met for the first time, and that is what we have seen play out on Season 5.

Jasmine had, like most couples who date or are even considering dating, sent some enticing photos to Gino.

Unfortunately, Gino had used extremely poor judgment, sending the pics to an ex to “taunt” her about his hot girlfriend.

Obsessing over your ex is unhealthy. Distributing someone else’s nudes without permission is a crime in many places.

Jasmine was understandably distraught, and that was not the end of it.

As we saw on the show, Jasmine was threatened by an anonymous account, vowing to expose her nudes to the internet.

While the account remained unidentified, Jasmine and Gino assumed that it was his ex.

In February of this year — more than a year after all of this was filmed — Jasmine leveled an accusation on Instagram.

She claimed that Gino’s ex had sent her photos to the school where she had worked, leading to her losing that job.

If true, that was not just cruel — it compounded Gino’s wrongdoing and revealed the ex to be a vicious saboteur.

However, a Reddit user (seemingly using a disposable side account) claims that this is not true.

In the Reddit post, the user claims to know “people at the school” where Jasmine worked.

The redditor wrote that Jasmine was “not fired” from the “k-12 private school,” and certainly was not making $3k a month.

For the record, she never claimed to make that amount; this was simply what she wanted in support from Gino.

“She quit to move to the U.S. with her boyfriend from the US (Gino) at the end of 2020” the post noted.

The post also suggests that she and Gino may have filmed more recently than we believed, as late 2020 lockdown measures may have thrown a wrench into their December plans.

The redditor alleged that Jasmine got in trouble for “dressing provocatively and had been sent home from work over this a few times.”

Jasmine did not lose her job over this, however, in part because she was a good teacher.

It is possible that viewers are jumping to conclusions about Jasmine’s statements … but also possible that she stretched or simplified the truth.

It could be the case that Jasmine quit her job in late 2020 and had a longer than expected wait to see Gino, or figured that she was no longer employable due to the scandal (but was not formally fired).

Perhaps they simply allowed viewers to believe that it was still December when they filmed in March 2021, if that Reddit post is accurate.

It is also possible that it was editors, not Jasmine and Gino, who opted to simplify things by editing out any mention of it not being the holiday season.

We can’t speak to what is or is not true about Jasmine’s words or intentions.

However, she has since spoken about her OnlyFans career, which she is using to support herself.

We’re glad that she was able to make the best of a bad situation … no matter what that situation may have actually been.

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