J.I.D. Apologizes for Attacking Terry Crews Over His Magic City Boycott Tweet

The ‘Off Deez’ rapper expresses regret for publicly speaking out against the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor over his tweet about boycotting Magic City, a strip club in Atlanta.

AceShowbiz -Rapper J.I.D. was among those who took aim at Terry Crews following the latter’s tweet about boycotting Magic City. However, it didn’t take long before J.I.D. to backtrack on his public criticism against the actor as he regretted his action.

“I gotta take a step back & apologize for speaking hate on dis app cuz that not what we need right now,” so the “Off Deez” rapper wrote on Thursday, August 27 on Twitter. “But ima double down and let y’all know I’d still sock bruh and whatever happens happens.”

Concluding his message, he added, “putting my phone down now, love to all my people, everyone be safe and stick together.”

This arrives after he [u=/news/view/00158884.html=spoke against[u] Terry over his tweet about calling for boycott of Magic City, a popular strip club in Atlanta. “All this s**t goin on and this n***a talking bout boycotting Black women making money, Id fade yo big white washed a**.”

He’s not the only one attacking the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor as Bow Wow tweeted, “Aye bruh u been on some flu a** s**t lately. Leave ATL out yo mouth! Magic is a staple here and it aint going no where. Just keep doing the robot and save yo self the public embarrassment.”

One other enraged fan said, “Not terry crews,,,not terry crews being a c**n and telling people to defund black womens source of income and condemning sex work right.” Another user commented, “Terry Crews stopped beating his meat for a few hours and thought he was saying some prolific s**t.”

A person, meanwhile, pointed out, “Terry Crews entire career was built on his body image. He’s been stripping for Hollywood his entire career. Gtfoh.” Someone else agreed and added, “Bro hit it right on the head with this. Terry Crews talking down on those women stripping when he’s been doing the EXACT same thing smh. Dude turning into a bigger clown as each day passes.”

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