Iraqi Actress Will Sue Newspaper that Used her Photo in Story about 'Fat' Women

An Iraqi actress is irate over a story about “fat” women — a story that used a photo of her to illustrate a point — so she’s suing.

Enas Taleb is a big deal in Iraq … and she’s publicly fuming over the story in the Economist titled, “Why Women Are Fatter Than Men in the Arab World.”

The Economist went on to say men often gravitate toward women with “curves” and used a photo of her to make the point. According to the article, “Iraqis often cite Enas Taleb, an actress with ample curves, as the ideal of beauty.”

The 42-year-old TV personality says she’s going to sue the newspaper … this according to New Lines mag.

She believes the pic was photoshopped and also says the newspaper had no authorization to run it. That said, it seems her lawsuit will go deeper … she said, “I am demanding compensation for the emotional, mental and social damage this incident has caused me.”

Her grievance goes beyond herself … calling the story an “insult to the Arab woman in general and Iraqi women in particular.” She asks why the Economist “takes interest in fat women in the Arab world and not in Europe or the USA.”

Taleb says she’s comfortable in her own skin. The Economist has not responded yet to Taleb’s intention to sue.

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