Influencer Who Spoke Out After Godfrey Hotel Hollywood Incident Looking Into Mental Hospital Following Death Threats

This is a very sad update to share.

After coming forward about a scary potential sex trafficking incident she experienced while staying at the Godfrey Hotel Hollywood in June, TikTok influencer TayBeepBoop is opening up about the state of her mental health as she processes this ordeal while dealing with hate and death threats from those online.

If you’re just catching up on this story, Tay was staying at the hotel alone in California when a male employee attempted to enter her room without permission. Not only did he unlock the door, but tried to fully open it, only being stopped by the door latch. He then started knocking nonstop while claiming he needed to speak to her in person about her car (which was supposedly smoking). She doesn’t own a car, so she refused to leave the room out of fear for her safety.

The front desk appeared to be in on the alleged scheme since after she got in touch with them and explained the situation, they lied about sending security to help and stopped answering her calls. She left with the help of an escort who was equally weirded out by the hotel!

Then, on Monday, the establishment finally addressed the controversy via a statement on social media — but Tay claims they lied about the situation. And now, she’s having to deal with trolls trying to silence her in the most awful ways!! In response to a kind follower who encouraged her to keep “sharing story,” Tay wrote on TikTok:

“I’ve gotten d3ath threats & blackmail ? this is why women don’t speak up. Men using scare tactics to try & silence women is tired be original or something.”

Replying to @jgonzalez107 They’re showing their fear trying to silence voices because they’re afraid of what will be said. This goes for all female identifying people ❤️

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