Idris Elba on #MeToo: 'It's Only Difficult If You Are a Man With Something to Hide'

In the year since the #MeToo movement kicked off a reckoning in the entertainment industry, some male actors and directors have been stumped by how to approach this conversation. Actors like Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Bryan Cranston have stumbled in interviews when asked about the subject. In a number of these interviews, male actors have failed to hold harassers accountable and have been forced to issue public apologies for their statements.

But one male actor who has consistently shown that he knows how to discuss this subject is Idris Elba. During a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Elba was asked if it’s hard to be a man in Hollywood post #MeToo.

As Elba responded, “It’s only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide.”

This is, in many ways, the perfect response. It’s simple, it’s direct, and it puts the responsibility on men who have done something wrong rather than the victims.

Elba was praised on social media for his comment by Valerie Jarrett and Shonda Rhimes.

Listen up, fellas, “It’s only difficult if you are a man with something to hide.” – ⁦@idriselba⁩ about #MeToo.

See? “Idris Elba On #MeToo Movement’s Impact In Hollywood: ‘It’s Only Difficult If You Are A Man With Something To Hide’ – Essence”

And this isn’t the first time Elba has been praised for his response to the #MeToo movement. During promotion for Molly’s Game, Elba told Den of Geek:

Men, please take note of Elba’s words.

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