Idaho Murder House Shocked Killings Went Unnoticed, Former Tenant

A man who lived in the house where 4 University of Idaho students were brutally killed is baffled no one heard the sounds of death, because the house itself had to give off signals something terrible was happening.

Cole Alteneder, who graduated from the University, told ABC News, “It’s definitely an old, creaky house … You can’t walk up any of the stairs or on any of the floors without everybody in the house knowing it.”

As we reported, there were 6 people in the house at the time of the quadruple murders … 2 people were spared and say they heard nothing. Police have said the 2 survivors are not suspects.

Cole says the house and the area surrounding it were well-known places to party, adding, “… people would hop the fences and just, like, walk away if the cops came.”

Lots of people in the area knew the house and had access, and cops say they have been chasing down leads since the brutal murders.

So far, no suspects or persons of interest have been publicly revealed … it’s unclear if there’s anyone specific under the police microscope.

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