Huge Alligator Eats Duck on Florida Lake, Hunters Lose Out

This is the definition of a sitting duck — a dead bird gunned down by hunters got swallowed up by a massive alligator … and it’s all on video!!!

The wildlife (and death) scene went down on a Florida lake after some hunters had shot down the duck. Its body was floating when an absolutely enormous gator came into the picture.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The hunters instantly knew they had zero chance to claim their prize when they saw ol’ Godzilla here swimming toward the carcass.

The gator opened wide and the whole duck disappeared in one big gulp. Apparently, duck is kinda gamey … as the alligator took a good 20 chomps to get down the fowl snack. Maybe it just likes playing with its food.

Truthfully, this wouldn’t be that bizarre of a scene — definitely bad timing for the hunters — but what really stands out is the SIZE of this reptile. Florida, man.

Anyway, tough month for birds … of many feathers.

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