Get to Know Alumière Glass, Baby Rue on "Euphoria"

Get to Know Alumière Glass, Baby Rue on “Euphoria”

This season of “Euphoria” has given us more insight into the past lives of some of our favorite characters. As Rue’s (Zendaya) story has evolved and become even more heartbreaking, we’ve gotten glimpses of how she got to where she is now: a teen with substance abuse disorder. As part of the flashbacks to her younger years, we’ve met baby Rue, played by Alumière Glass, a talented toddler. The little girl isn’t new to the spotlight and has been showing off her talents since she was a baby. If you’re already smitten with her — and how could you not be? — she has an Instagram account run by her mother, so you can keep up with what she’s doing next. To get to know the tiny tot better, keep reading.

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