Funny celebrity photos for August 2021

Funny enough, when the royal family refers to “a cold one,” they’re actually talking about Meghan Markle.

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A live look at Jennifer Lopez every time she has to see Ben Affleck’s back tattoo…

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OK, who put the whoopee cushion on the president’s chair?

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Rod Stewart is still less handsy than some American politicians.

Joel McHale remembers business class being less airy.

Zachary Quinto is about 195,782 balloons shy of starring in an “Up” sequel.

Regina King doesn’t need a spaceship or Amazon employees to float around.

Gerard Butler has escalated more than just his lawsuit against the producers of “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Proof that the words coming out of Susan Sarandon’s mouth are bull.

You call Mary J. Blige “trash,” you’re gonna pay a price.

Attention Jordana Brewster and all other parents: STOP embarrassing your children in public!

Coincidentally, during his playing days, David Beckham used his melon to head soccer balls into nets.

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