EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook ‘selling breast implants on OnlyFans for £40k’

Not short of a surgery horror story or two, Daniella Westbrook had admitted that she's 'selling' her breast implants on 'OnlyFans for £40k.'

The former Eastenders star, 49, is trying to make the best of her last surgery by flogging her personal items to fans online.

The blonde star has had no end of work done from, now, eight boob jobs, to multiple facial surgeries, most of which have left her unhappy with the finished results.

The actress just underwent her eighth boob job, rumoured to be four times bigger than before, after jetting back out to Turkey, and is now recovering well.

She told MailOnline: "I’m here in Turkey which is my comfort zone. They have reinstalled my faith in having surgery done in Turkey thank goodness after last time I was here."

Daniella has openly spoken out before on her terrifying ordeal at the hands of a Turkish surgeon. The star, who had already had numerous reconstructive surgeries, jetted off to have her face rebuilt after her former drug addiction left her with crumbling and collapsing bones and cartilage, as well as extensive damage to her nose.

Her fifth facial surgery in Turkey was supposed to be the answer to her worries once and for all, but the star has spoken out on how the procedure horrendously went ahead without any anaesthesia.

More details emerged when the star spoke to The Sun on her return to the UK including that her phone was confiscated when she begged them to stop and claimed that one surgeon even slapped her.

She went under the knife for a surgical thread lift (a procedure where temporary stitches are used to produce a “lift” in the skin) and fat transfer in a bid to fix a past botched surgery.

Daniella has made no secret of her desire to change her appearance to what it once was before her drug addiction, claiming people can be cruel.

She continued to say: "People message me, saying, 'you’re so ugly, you’re a junkie, you should just go and kill yourself'. I’ve also had messages saying they are glad I’m not coming back to EastEnders because no one wants me scaring their kids on the telly."

Just last year, Daniella told OK! that she wished to undergo a "full transformation" after what had been a reflective few months.

Turning her attentions away from surgery, she also chatted about why she was happy to see Kim Metcalfe return to Eastenders to reprise the role of Sam Mitchell, admitting she wouldn't have been able to take the role on again anyway, due to her upcoming operations.

"Obviously I'm going through a lot of operations at the moment so I wouldn't have gone back anyway.

"I'm happy they're bringing the character back. I'm glad they're bringing it in a different direction because Kim is a different sound to me."

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