Eagles Fans Get Two-Hour School Delay Day After Super Bowl LVII

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Win or lose, some Eagles fans won’t have to stress about waking up early for math class the day after the Super Bowl … ’cause one school district has already implemented a two-hour delay in honor of the big game.

The Gloucester City School District in South Jersey announced its plans to have a late start on Monday, Feb. 13 .. allowing kids and teachers to either celebrate — or mourn — the result of the game a bit longer before hitting the hay.

“It is a rare and special time for families to watch our local professional football team compete in the Super Bowl,” school superintendent Sean Gorman said about the decision.

“We feel that it’s important to give students and staff the opportunity to enjoy the game with the families and still attend school and work the next day safely and well-rested.”

FYI, Gloucester City is located in Camden County in New Jersey … and is located about 12 minutes from Lincoln Financial Field in Philly, where the Eagles play their home games.

Of course, some people view the Monday after the Super Bowl as a holiday — kids and adults generally want to call off from work or skip school after all the partying.

Philly fans have a reputation for their passionate postgame antics — they put that on full display when the Phillies advanced to the World Series … and more recently, when the Eagles won the NFC Championship game.

At least if the Eagles win Super Bowl LVII … fans in Gloucester City School District can keep the party going a bit longer.

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