Dylan Scott Shares ‘Nothing To Do Town’ Video

Dylan Scott has shared the music video for his new single, “Nothing To Do Town,” featuring his hometown of Bastrop, LA, friends and family.

In the three-minute clip, which shows what a typical day is like growing up in the small town, the country music singer is seen hunting ducks, off-roading and hanging out at a bonfire with friends.

“We got a little something, something we can throw on ice / Find us somewhere that we can drink it while the moon’s up high / With your girl and your boys by the fire making noise / In a field on a Friday night / We got some George Strait songs that we turn up loud / Living it up til the sun comes back around / Who said there’s nothing to do, who said there’s nothing to do / Who said there’s nothing to do in this nothing to do town,” he sings on the track

“Nothing To Do Town” can be heard on country radio from January 14.

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