Death Cab For Cutie Announce Covers EP To Benefit Georgia Voting Rights Organization

Death Cab for Cutie have announced that The Georgia E.P., featuring songs from artists who hail from the state, will be released on Friday for only 24 hours via Bandcamp.

The proceeds from the album will benefit Fair Fight, a Georgia-based voting rights organization. The band has set $7 as the minimum donation for this collection.

“Today we’re thrilled to announce THE GEORGIA E.P., a brand-new collection of five covers of songs by some of our favorite artists from the great state of Georgia,” the alternative rock band said in a statement.

Death Cab for Cutie said Georgia flipping blue for the first time in a Presidential election since 1992 was due in large part to the tireless efforts of Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight.

“We’ve recorded this collection of music as both a celebration of this monumental achievement, and to provide support for the fight ahead – in this case the upcoming special Senate election in January,” the band added.

The album was recorded remotely over four days in the band’s home studios a few weeks ago.

(Photo: Eliot Lee Hazel)

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