David Charvet's Lawyer Says Jermaine Jones Is Dangerous, And Charvet's Scared

Jermaine Jones is DANGEROUS … and David Charvet is scared the soccer superstar is going to physically hurt him — the actor’s attorney tells TMZ Sports.

We broke the story last month … Charvet claims the former Team USA soccer star sent him threatening messages featuring photos of his assault rifle … all because J.J. believed Charvet banged his wife and ruined his marriage.

Charvet adamantly denied he slept with Jones’ wife — and begged the court for a restraining order against the athlete. 

Charvet’s lawyer, Jason Glucksman, was in an L.A. court on Tuesday in an effort to get a permanent restraining order against Jones and on his way out of the courthouse, he made it clear they believe Jones is a serious threat. 

“[David’s] very concerned about the potential of Jermaine doing harm to him, causing harm. Doing physical injury to him.”

The case was continued to February. Charvet currently has a temporary restraining order in place. 

We also saw Jermaine as he left court with his lawyer … but they weren’t in the talking mood.  

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