Damon Dash's Exes Unite, Sue Lee Daniels for $1 Mil of Settlement Money

Damon Dash is in the money — courtesy his settlement with Lee Daniels — but he’s not forking over any to his exes … so claim the women who are now cutting out the middle man and suing Lee to get the dough.

According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales are going after Daniels because they say the money he agreed to pay Dame to squash a $5 mil lawsuit … is rightfully theirs.

Here’s the backstory — the rap mogul’s ex-wife Rachel, with whom he has 2 daughters, claims he owes her $826,166.88 in back child support and other expenses … and Morales, mother of his son, claims he owes her $244,721.43.

In the suit, both women say Dash has paid them less than 5 bucks in child support, so far in 2019 — and that’s despite the fact he and Lee reached their settlement at the end of 2018.

We broke the story … there are also warrants out for Dash’s arrest over unpaid child support to the 2 women, but he’s said he plans to deal with them head-on and denied allegations of not taking care of his kids. 

We reached out to Daniels … so far no word back.

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