Dale brothers seek to validate Oly's tale as they dig the Pete & Joe #5 portal

The Dale Brothers seek out ‘Oly’s Gold’ on the premiere of ‘American Gold’

Fox Business features the Dale Brothers’ quest for gold in Bear Gulch, Mont.

On this week's episode of "American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch," the Dale brothers continue their work in the Tobacco Root Mountains of Montana in search of long-lost treasure.

Rick Dale and his four brothers shared a beverage around the table at base camp one evening, once again thinking back to what a Scandinavian gold hunter named Oly was purported to have told their parents during the 20th Century gold rush.

Oly, unfortunately, died before he was able to return to the mine he was prospecting, after deciding to seal up his immediate vein because of a disagreement with his work partner.

In the morning, the Dales' friend Marty was hard at work with his excavator, digging in the spot they believe a landslide has hidden the entrance to "Pete & Joe #5," the mine where Oly is said to have left his treasure.

The Dales said previously they have not been able to prospect the area because they did not own or have rights to access it.

But, because they pooled their savings together, they were able to both prospect and hire their friend to help bring the muscle.


As John Dale began envisioning how to secure the structural integrity of the shaft once dug, Marty encountered a problematic tree rooted atop the rockslide at the point of their believed shaft portal.

While trying to leave the roots intact for the structural integrity of the mine below, the team was hit with dual crises as the movement therein triggered a slide that caved in part of the bank above – while a part of their excavator began malfunctioning.

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