Conor McGregor Says He 'Severely Damaged' Leg Training Before Poirier Fight

Conor McGregor claims it wasn’t Dustin Poirier who gruesomely broke his leg during their trilogy fight … ’cause the limb was “severely damaged” heading into the scrap.

The 33-year-old former UFC double champ made the declaration in a series of tweets on Wednesday … saying he knew the leg may give out, but he decided to continue with the fight despite the serious injury.

“In my last camp I’d a severely damaged left leg. Many of my sessions consisted of starting in open guard bottom. And staying there. Full rounds remaining on bottom. I was beating people up until they backed away from me. It then translated to the fight. True story,” McGregor fired on Twitter.

In fact, Conor says he didn’t have a big reaction to the painful break — unlike Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva — because he was well aware the leg may snap during the UFC 264 fight on July 10.

“Same leg, same spot. I attribute it to why I wasn’t in as much shock as Chris/Anderson where. I knew something may happen in advance. Chris was upset with my quote. Felt I was aiming at him. I was not. If any constellation to my reaction, It was because id a heads up it may snap.”

McGregor is very much down the road to recovery … and it’s evident he’s beginning to plot his return to the Octagon.

But, who will he fight?? Poirier for a 4th time? Max Holloway rematch (McGregor beat him in 2013)? Nate Diaz trilogy?

Whoever it is … The Notorious says he’ll be back and better than ever!

“I’m very pleased with my ground attacks from bottom, at present. I butchered dude from the bottom, use your eyes. He backed away from me! I’ve now developed a more ferocious version to Nates ground game. If Nate goes down, no one follows. They won’t follow me now either. Watch!”

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