Ciara Sparks Pregnant Rumors

The ‘Goodies’ singer is rumored to be pregnant with her fourth child following a silly video she posted on Instagram to entertain her followers just before Christmas.

AceShowbiz -Is Ciara pregnant? The “Goodies” singer is rumored to have a bun in the oven after posting a video of her goofing off in front of the camera. She donned a red-engine pajamas and some fans were convinced they could spot a small baby bump protruding under her clothes.

The star shares two children, a girl and a boy, with husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. She also has another son from her previous relationship with former fiance, rapper Future.

She was pregnant with her third child last year. She found it tough because there was no manual book on how to handle pregnancy during pandemic. She had to take extra precautions whenever she left the house to protect her unborn child.

Explaining the safety measures she used when going for an ultrasound scan, she said in a previous interview, “I wanted to be really cautious. When the image of the baby came on the screen, I FaceTimed Russ in the car so that he could see.”

“I had a little ziplock bag of gloves for the appointment and then I had my mask. When I went from one room to the other, I switched to a new pair of gloves.”

Going to the doctor’s office without her husband was hard because he was such a doting dad. “We women carry the baby, but for my husband, being in the room and listening to the heartbeat in real-time is one of his ways of connecting. For him not to be part of that was a symbol of this time that we’re living through.”

On top of that, the then-pregnant mom found it exhausting trying to keep her kids occupied. “That break in the day when you send your kids to school is a luxury,” she explained. “We’re trying all kinds of stuff to keep them both occupied. The other day I got in the car with Sienna and drove her past some horses for a change of scenery.”

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