Celebrity Gogglebox viewers call out show as announcer issues ‘trigger warning’ for Jaws

Gogglebox: Gyles Brandreth says he’s ‘never seen Jaws’

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Celebrity Gogglebox returned to Channel 4 tonight as some of the stars watched Jaws. However, viewers were left bemused after a warning was aired before the classic horror film.

Stars like Lorraine Kelly, Gyles Brandreth and Denise Van Outen all watched Jaws on tonight’s edition of the show.

However, it wasn’t the stars’ dramatic reactions that unsettled some viewers.

Several fans of the show took to social media to question Channel 4’s use of a warning.

Before the section on Jaws aired, the broadcaster issued a heads up about the shark attack.

Viewers took to social media to wonder why this had been done.

One wrote: “Watching Gogglebox. The last ad break ended with a warning that the following content includes footage of a shark attack.

“They watching Jaws! It’s nearly 10pm. #clowncountry.” (sic)

A second added in response: “At least it wasn’t Naked Attraction on there again.

“Clarkson’s farm has a warning about “sexual content” for one episode… sheep”

“Slightly taken aback that the Gogglebox announcer gave a warning that there’s footage of shark attacks when they’re watching Jaws,” a third wrote.

“Channel 4 do know it’s not real, right?”

Another penned: “#isitok @Channel4 warned us about a fictional shark attack on #gogglebox.

“But not about the examination of a dog’s c*** bristling with hedgehog spines.”

A fifth viewer also reacted: “Gogglebox just did a trigger warning for a shark attack, who’s that gonna trigger when you live in the UK?

“You ain’t gonna see a great white on skeggy beach.”

Another wrote: “And the dumbing down of the adult population continued tonight as @C4Gogglebox warned us that tonight’s episode contained scenes of a shark attack before showing us a bit of Jaws. Jesus f***** Christ. #gogglebox #CelebrityGogglebox #Jaws

Several of the show’s celebrities were left quaking after they watched the film.

Gyles revealed it was the first time he’d seen the Steven Spielberg classic.

He said: “I’ve never seen, this is going to be Jaws.

“I’ve never seen Jaws. I know it’s about a whale.”

His exasperated co-star Maureen Lipman then replied: “It’s not about a whale, it’s about a shark.”

Later on, Maureen explained the film had quite an impact on her when she was younger.

She said: “The sea was never the same again. I would never, ever go out further than I could stand.”

Celebrity Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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