Celebrities remember 9/11 with tributes on social media

Stars are taking to social media to honor the people who lost their lives 18 years ago on 9/11.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s photo from when he visited first responders a month after the tragic attack to Halle Berry’s heartfelt words, America will never forget the sad day.

Katie Couric shared an old “Today” clip alongside Matt Lauer that was filmed at the exact time the first tower was hit.

“I am posting this at 8:46 AM – the exact time that the first tower was hit 18 years ago today. 2,977 people killed, more than 6,000 people injured,” she explained. 

From Kaley Cuoco to Mark Wahlberg, scroll through below  to see what your favorite celebrities posted in tribute to the victims of 9/11.

19 PHOTOSCelebrities remember 9/11 See GalleryCelebrities remember 9/11 I am posting this at 8:46 AM – the exact time that the first tower was hit 18 years ago today. 2,977 people killed, more than 6,000 people injured. Countless families ripped apart, too many broken hearts to imagine. A country forever changed. Remembering those we lost on 9/11, and keeping those they loved and who loved them in my thoughts and in my heart. I will always remember. I will #neverforget ???Today we remember. We remember the victims, their families, and the heroes. We remember the way the country came together and stood as one. I will always remember visiting the first responders in New York less than a month later. I was there to help pump them up after their tragic, non-stop work. But they were the ones who inspired me. They were exhausted and they were in mourning, but they just kept going because they were serving a cause bigger than themselves. At Ground Zero, I saw them working through tears and hugged more heroes than I could count. At the three firehouses I visited, they just wanted me to work out and eat with them. And let me tell you: firefighters can cook. I ate one meal after another because I didn’t want to be rude, and when you have a chance to eat with your heroes, you never say no. I left that day with a stomach so full I was about to pop. But I also left with a full heart, because I saw the best of America. We must continue to honor the victims, we must hold up and thank the police, paramedics and firefighters for their heroism, and we must never forget. Never.September 11th heavy heart. I’m in my office early & reflecting deeply. I was @ the gym watching TV on the treadmill. Big & I just dropped our son @ baby school. We were listening to Howard Stern. It didn’t sound real. Once it seemed real we left the gym, picked Kevin up & went home. We needed toilet paper, crayons & paper towels, so Kevin & I zombied our way to Walmart. Big stayed home to man the phones. God bless NY & all of us. #september11 #neverforget #911#neverforget ??#neverforget ??? https://t.co/TExRdZD9qoI will #neverforget 9/11. The heartbreak and devastation still overwhelm my mind. I promise to continue to pay tribute to the men and women who lost their lives and for the people who worked hard to save others. ??Remembering this day 18 years ago. Always makes my heart heavy. I was living in New York at the time and I will never forget the way every person in the city supported each other in such an intense time of mourning. Everyone came together, proactively trying to help in anyway one could and when there was nothing else to do there was always the collective healing that took place even in the words or smile of a stranger. It was a powerful feeling in the hardest of times. New York, you are one beautifully tough city ❤️ Thinking of all the families and friends missing their loved ones. We still heal with you ✨❤️✨New York – you are ever-changing, all-embracing and un-breakable. Today on 9/11, we honor the thousands who perished, the heroes who risked their lives and the city that remains resilient to this day. #NeverForgetThinking… reflecting… praying and hoping a day will come when love rules and hate no longer exists. Thanks to all our men and women in uniform serving our great nation… and to all first responders #SomeGaveAllAs we remember those we lost on 9/11, we also remember the spirit of unity and togetherness that defined the weeks… https://t.co/vVlN1ckjQgWhen tragedy strikes at the heart of our nation, we are reminded how fickle our differences are. On this day of re… https://t.co/hszknE5dDrToday and always, sending all of my love to NYC. #NeverForgetThe faces of the the brave men and women who ran into those burning towers, never to return to their families. We t… https://t.co/kBtQbR25r1Today we honor our Veterans, First Responders, and all the men and women who were affected by the devastating attac… https://t.co/yHGgQ9wtKmSeptember 11, 2001, a date that forever changed our country and the lives of everyone in it. Today we remember and… https://t.co/UG2RaLoWrfOn a day like today, it feels especially meaningful to be working tirelessly with a group of people who want to be… https://t.co/ZIJqDchurWSeptember 11, 2001. We will #NeverForget ??“I’m letting them know that bad guys didn’t like our nation and declared war on our people. On our soil. I’m explaining that fires started and dreams were crushed. That heroes ran to the rescue, and good people were lost. But they won’t be forgotten.” Link in bio to this TODAY #ParentingTeam essay from @mommys15minutes on what she’s telling her kids about September 11.Our city ❤️ ?Up Next

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