CBB’s Roxanne Pallett says Ryan Thomas punchgate left her suicidal

In her first interview in five months, Roxanne Pallett has revealed she was left suicidal following her controversial appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Emmerdale actress hit the headlines last year when she accused Ryan Thomas of ‘punching her repeatedly’ during their time on the Channel 5 show, before later admitting she ‘got it wrong’.

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And following the backlash – which saw her branded ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ – now Roxanne has revealed she was left feeling suicidal and couldn’t leave her house.

‘Yes I’ve lost everything, and I lost myself,’ the 36-year-old admitted.

‘I’ve lost my career, my radio jobs, my life as I knew it, everything. I’ve only got my mum, my auntie and two friends now who I trust implicitly.’

After insisting she ‘doesn’t want sympathy’ because it was ‘100% her fault,’ the actress then went on to reveal she was forced to get professional help after she hit her lowest point in November.

‘I’ve been scared to leave the house, and strangers have shouted and spat at me in the street. I’ve been called evil and toxic from people who don’t know me,’ she continued to The Sun.

‘It’s bad enough when one person berates you but I had thousands. I was put on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds immediately which numbed me but I still felt trapped in confusion and fear.

‘There was no light at the end of the tunnel and I didn’t want to be here anymore.’

This comes after Roxanne accused Coronation Street star Ryan, 34, of attacking her in the CBB house, before branding him a ‘liar’ and a ‘woman beater’.

However, after leaving the show Roxanne told host Emma Willis that she was sorry and she’d made ‘a horrible mistake’, before penning the star a letter to personally apologise.

Speaking of her remorse, Roxanne continued: ‘You feel like you can never say sorry enough to every single person that hates you and I felt like there was no point in even trying anymore as the perception had become so bad. I just thought, I’m done. I’m not going to make it to Christmas.’

The star then explained things got so bad she was losing weight and losing her hair, and she even sent a text to her mum, aunt, and two friends, simply saying ‘sorry and goodbye’.


Fortunately her mum urged her to get help and she travelled to Scotland where she was treated for PTSD and ‘panic disorder’.

In the candid interview, she explained that past traumas including losing her home to a house fire when she was a child, a previous abusive relationship and the suicide of a best friend in 2009, had impacted her judgement on Ryan.

She also said that she has finally started to ‘address these issues’ and hopes she can be forgiven for her mistakes.

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