Carol Kirkwood talks Strictly Come Dancing outfit concerns: ‘Bit more modest’

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Carol Kirkwood, 58, opened up about her Strictly Come Dancing experience, when she joined the cast for the 13th series in 2015. Despite finishing in 10th place with her dance parter Pasha Kovolev, the BBC Breakfast weather presenter loved every second of it and spoke about how grateful she was to the costume department for accommodating her needs when it came to concerns about the glamorous gowns.

I was conscious of low dresses but they accommodated that, so it was a wee bit more modest

Carol Kirkwood

Strictly fans know the outfits are sophisticated and, of course, full of sequins and glitz.

And it’s good news that the fancy frocks are then passed on to dance companies and retailers so they can be used again.

The get-ups are designed determined on the style of dance the couple are performing; some can be quite revealing and others offing full coverage.

This was something Carol admitted was a concerned about when she was on the show, worrying about “low dresses”.

Chatting to BBC co-star Louise Minchin and Annie Emmerson on their Her Sprit podcast, the forecaster revealed she was thankful for how the costume department took into account her feelings.

“Strictly was amazing, it was one of these programmes I’ll never forget or regret doing,” she beamed.

“I was conscious of low dresses but they accommodated that, so it was a wee bit more modest.”

When it came to the actual dancing part of it, Carol gushed over training one-on-one with Pasha, but when it came to Friday’s group rehearsal, she was far from comfortable.

“When you see how amazing everyone else are you think, ‘Hmm, maybe I’ll just home and just enjoy it for what it is!'” she laughed.

“And then the Saturday… Oh my goodness! The nerves!”

Each dance on Strictly is around 90 seconds long, which doesn’t sound too bad to viewers watching the show.

But when you’re on that ballroom floor with a thousand lights on you in front of the nation and a live studio audience, Carol admitted 90 seconds can feel like a lifetime.

“It’s really strange,” she grinned, “What can go wrong in 90 seconds? Everything can!

“You can miss a beat, you can start off on the wrong foot through nerves, and then it can all just be a disaster!”

And after the dance is over, the contestants have to face the judging panel.

“You know you’re going to be annihilated by the judges,” Carol winced, before quickly adding, “Not all of them!”

“But you have to think, ‘I’m not trying to be a professional dancer, it’s not going change my career or my life.

“Just enjoy it,’ and I did and it was good fun!”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One and Strictly returns later this year.

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